Ancestors and our global heritage

Ancestors and our global heritage

I have something to confess.  I have an ulterior motive for this site.  You may have already ascertained that it isn’t just about recounting or imagining the stories of my own ancestors– or even yours.  My intention is to go much, much deeper.  Yes, the ancestors that we can uncover through research are interesting, but there are stories that will always remain hidden from conscious awareness.  I believe that ultimately we are all connected.  I don’t feel limited to the family tree that I can see– we’re all really part of a family forest on a global scale. is an attempt to start bringing some of these stories into the light and into conscious awareness in the hopes that we’ll realize that we’re not as fractured and divided as we think.  We are connected not just through our blood, but through the human story.

The Story Of Our Global Heritage Through The Genographic Project

Through modern DNA techniques we can now trace our genetic lineage around the world, from the African savannahs, to the dust of India, to the grassy steppes of Mongolia, the sands of Egypt, and the bogs of northern Europe. and 23andMe only detail one facet of the human story.  Geneticist Spencer Wells takes it to a whole other level.  He leads the Genographic Project which has been collecting the DNA from both indigenous and urban populations and cross-referencing them to get an understanding of how our ancestors migrated around the world, leaving traces of themselves in our blood today.  It is Wells’ belief that we are all ultimately descended from the same man in Africa.

A Global Family Reunion

This, coupled with the personal endeavor of writer AJ Jacobs to throw a family reunion for the world, inspires me and gives me hope that by learning to see how we are connected, we can begin to join together in creating a future where we can all co-exist in peace, abundance, and well-being.  Jacobs is bringing another layer of our connection into the spotlight– that of spirit.  Our attention is so often concentrated on our differences and disagreements that we forget that there has also been mutual cooperation, education, and support amongst tribes, cultures, societies, countries, and populations for millennia.  Without this, you and I wouldn’t be here today.

Through sharing our stories here on we can focus the lens on our human story, turning what appears to be kaleidoscopic chaos into a picture of beauty.  So forgive me if it seems like I’m posting stories about people and cultures I’m not related to.  I am.  We all are.  On the deepest level we’re all connected to every race, religion, creed, country, philosophy, and culture on this planet.  Our heritage, whether through blood or spirit, is global.